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Breast Cancer: How to Identify Early Signs of The Disease

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Detecting breast cancer signs when the disease is in its early stage is a breakthrough in its management. How can it be detected at a very early stage? Jane Greg reports for eMaxHealth.


For some women, a dimple starts growing in the skin of the breast. The dimple on the breast begins to pouch in a way similar to a divot. It is not normal to have the skin of the breast like this. It looks like the skin is being pulled down by a substance inside the breast. Doctors agree that performing self-examination regularly is important. If it could be done at least once in a month, you can eventually identify breast cancer. How can self-breast examination be done?

The pads of your fingers should be used to massage the breast gently so that you can feel the tissues below the outer skin covering of the breast. In massaging the breast, you can push harder to feel the tissues underneath the skin.

The National Breast Foundation advised that this procedure can be done in while taking your bath in the bathroom. It is also done in front of the mirror or while you are lying down. You should look at the breast while you are upstanding and while both breasts are raised. Both breasts are not normally of the same size, but other issues should be a cause for concern and should be reported to your physician. Signs like redness, itching, bloody discharges, swelling and hardness should be treated with great concern.

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The breast of some women may be lumpy, but it is normal to be so. The breast has a natural tissue structure that looks bumpy making some women to have more lumpiness than others. When both breast tissues feel lumpy, then it is normal localized or perhaps it does not occur in both breasts, they seeing your physician should be your next option.

You should also see your physician when you are not sure about the texture of your breast. When you feel the texture of your breast. When you feel the texture of the breast has changed.

It is expected that every woman should do breast self-examination monthly to check when there is an inconsistency in the breast texture. It is advised that when you feel anything in your breast, then you will save yourself by yourself. Do not wait until you have felt the mass in the breast during breast massaging which is in stage two cancer of the breast. It is better to get to your physician, and he explains that what you feel is not cancer than to assume that you do not have cancer.

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