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Breaking Fasting With Pineapple Can Be Too Acidic Try Watermelon Instead

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WaterMelon for breaking fasting

Fasting is easy, but one has to be careful on how to break the fast.


People who fast regularly, say any fruit is fine when it comes to breaking the fast. Obviously the more watery is the fruit the better.

Breaking the fast is hard. In fact, some people say it's harder than the fasting itself. They also say that most people fail when it comes to breaking the fast.

Be careful and watch your emotions, when breaking your fasting. In fact, you may learn this after a few water fasts. This refers to those fasts that span from three to more days. Some people do a seven day fast, while others go even to 21 days with only water.

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People who fast regularly say Pineapple is is like a cactus. Be gentle with you and eat it only if it is fully ripe. Instead, they recommend watermelon or a melon. Any high water content fruit can be used. But since watermelon seems to be the highest water content fruit and easiest to digest, it is then one of the most ideal fruits to use when breaking the fast.

I read about one lady who wrote that she made the mistake of breaking her fast with Pineapple a few days ago. She says she was craving for it so badly and when she tried to break her fast with a Pineapple it hurt. She says even bananas hurt. For the, breaking the fast with a melon was her best experience.

If you really crave for Pineapple, just chew on the pineapple and spit out the fleshy part. But overall watermelons and melons are said to be the best fruits to break the fast.

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