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Best Ways to Eat Healthy while Vacationing in Europe

Eating Healthy in Europe

When on a vacation, you may find that there are a lot of temptations that you may become prone to, especially in regards to food and drink. When in a foreign country, testing the local food is part of the experience, but for the sake of your health you shouldn’t get carried away. If you struggle with maintaining a healthy diet while on holiday, here are some practical tips.


Consult your doctor
If eating healthy has become something of a necessity due to declining health or a pre-existing condition, you should consult your doctor beforehand about what you should be avoiding while on holiday. Your doctor will be able to tell you about the certain types of food or ingredients that you should be steer clear of or cut down on and some may even recommend to you alternatives. It is advised that you visit a doctor at least a week before you go on holiday. If you are unable to do that, in some circumstances you may be able to visit a doctor in the country you are visiting.

In fact, here are some travel medical kit recommendations for a safe summer vacation, written by EmaxHealth reporter Tim Boyer.

European residents have access to E111 cards that give them basic health insurance coverage in other places around Europe. With one of these cards, you should be able to visit a doctor in the country you’re visiting should you have any dietary concerns. Also, since 2009 U.S. travelers can benefit from European Travel Health Insurance Card.

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Cook at home
While eating out can be a great treat, even when on holiday you shouldn’t eat out too often. Going out to dinner every night can cost a lot of money and you’re less likely to be able to resist temptation if you are surrounded by delicious foods that aren’t necessarily good for you. Instead, plan your meals ahead of time and cook at home. This can be a great way to explore fresh, foreign ingredients, save money, eat healthy, and with your family a sit down dinner in privacy can be a good bonding experience. It can be even more fun if you all cook together.

In fact, new research shows that cooking at home trumps dining out. Cooking at home also positively affects your health.

Pack snacks
One of the biggest mistakes that holiday goers make is not packing snacks when they go off exploring or sightseeing. Without anything to nibble on during the day, your hunger is likely to get the best of you later on. When you have spent all day wandering around a park or sightseeing around the city, you’re bound to be hungry and tired at the end of it, which leads to splurging on street foods and restaurant lunches. If you want to avoid buying treats and unhealthy snacks during the day then be sure to pack some supplies. Healthy snacks will keep your hunger at bay and keep your energy levels up, allowing you to spend more time doing fun things and less time bingeing on unhealthy street foods.

Stay hydrated
When visiting a hot country, staying hydrated should be one of your top priorities. When it comes to eating healthy, drinking water regularly throughout the day is one of the best ways to curb food cravings. When you are dehydrated, your body can sometimes become confused and send mixed signals to your brain, making you think that you are hungry. So, if you’re sweating your shorts off mat the beach and suddenly feel hunger pangs, you might just be thirsty. Carry around a bottle of water and when you feel hungry, take a few big gulps of water and wait ten minutes. You may find your hunger suddenly disappearing after you have a refreshing drink.

When you go on a vacation your diet is likely to change. And if you make one diet change, this is it, stay hydrated.