The Best Way To Spot a Health Exchange Website Glitch

Website Glitch

Before a team goes out to play a game all of the members have to show up at practice. When a player does not show up for practice it can affect the performance of the whole team. The coach expects their star players to be present and well equipped come game day. They would never think of locking them in a closet and barring them for practices until the big day arises.


This is what I feel has been done with Health Insurance Open Enrollment for these past two years. The star players who are expected to perform on day one are left out of the equation. True no man-made system can be expected to run flawlessly. But a test of the performance of the actual system and all of its components ahead of Open Enrollment can make a big difference.


What if the health insurance agents were able to get in to the system a week or two ahead of time to begin enrolling their clients to test the system? They would be able to catch any problems the system is having and catch any glitches in the system early. They could advertise to the public that by working with an agent they could get in and out of the system earlier. They could also let the public know that the motive for early enrollment is to help test the system for the coming year. Agents could then report back to the exchanges any problems that may arise as they use the system.

This could also be a big advantage for Health Insurance Web Brokers and the agents who desire to use their systems. The agents who sign up with these entities could have a chance to test the function of these sites and see how well they integrate with the exchange websites. They can then report any issues in real-time to the Web Brokers who can then fix any issues before it’s presented to the general public.

But until the coach stops sending their unprepared teams out into the field, their team members will continue to have to make excuses for why things are not working properly on opening day. The sad thing is there is no excuse. Instead this is just a serious lack of foresight and preparation.