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The Best Part of Artificial Meat and Its 5 Advantages

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Vegan artificial meat

Artificial meat will probably appear on the shelves of stores by 2021 and this is a good news not only for the vegan community but also for everyone. Vegan meat has 5 great advantages.


The leader in producing artificial or vegan meat will probably be the Memphis Meat startup, which at one time stated that it grew a meatball in the laboratory. This forecast is provided GlobalData. The main prerequisites for success are the huge investor money, being a cool start-up and a favorable environment for the distribution of its product. Memphis Meat has it all. The vegan communities are growing in the world, opening new groups on Facebook and they quickly become large groups.

The development of artificial meat has brought significant investments to several start-ups from the Silicon Valley. The most famous of them are Impossible Foods, Memphis Meat, Beyond Meat and Hampton Creek. The richest people on the planet believed in these companies. Bill Gates has invested in several of them. So far, none of them have introduced meat that can not be distinguished from the present, but observers still note progress: such meat is cheaper, and the taste is getting less and less forgery.

It is necessary to recognize that now various "green" and food projects and initiatives are at the peak of their popularity. Being vegan is a trend.

Vegan Clear Meat Is An Attractive Idea

The population of the Earth is growing, it needs something to eat. At the same time, a blind increase in the number of livestock is not an option. In 2011, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations stated that livestock accounted for 39% of the pollution produced by agriculture. Therefore, the idea of making "clean" meat seems attractive: it solves food problems and, does not exacerbate the ecological situation.

Some experts say that artificial meat is more effective than the present, more nutritious and less harmful.

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But all this was just talk and advertising until it went to the masses. And the world is already close to producing vegan meat and stopping the animal slaughter - at least in its western part.

Thus, food corporations have become interested in artificial meat. Cargill, Nestle and Tyson are betting on vegan meat. They share the view that in the next 25 years about 20% of the world meat market will make up this new product.

Vegan Meat Is Not Pumped With Antibiotics

According to producers, artificial meat synthesized in laboratory conditions promises to become a popular product due to a number of advantages:

  1. Vegan meat will have a taste no worse than natural.
  2. Vegan meat is not pumped with antibiotics.
  3. Vegan meat is not grown near a gassesd highway.
  4. Vegan meat doesn't not involve the killing of living things.
  5. Vegan meat will cost less.

The companies themselves are also increasing their turnover.

Beyond Meat promised to increase the production of artificial meat three times. The company already sells burgers from artificial meat to 5,000 stores across America, and also delivers cutlets to major restaurant chains, but wants to come to a new level. Startup Impossible Foods plans to produce up to 450 tons of artificial meat products every month. The company is going to replace all natural meat with vegetable analogs already in 2035. Impossible Foods has already released its flagship product, called the Impossible Burger, to a handful of chefs in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Texas. It is now available in more than 40 restaurants and gaining rave reviews from the early testers.

How do you feel about vegan meat? Have you tested any? Please, let us know your opinion in the comments section below for discussion.



I see those advantages. But the biggest disadvantage for me (that keeps me from buying meat alternative products ) is the amount of MSG and chemicals put into them. I'm not a vegan that eats processed food this way because I know that this causes a lot of diseases we are trying to avoid for true freedom