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Benefits of Kids Doing Chores and How They Teach Responsibility

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Doing Chores

So your kids are between the ages of 8 and 12 and you like giving them chores like to sweep the kitchen, dining room, load and unload the dishwasher, wash the dishes by hand and sort the wash or fold it when it comes out the dryer. You may also give them responsibilities like dust the TV stand the guest room tables few times a week as well as some other chores. How much is too much? This is their way of helping their parents and family.


Doing chore has many benefits for kids. Mom needs help. Depending on how many chores you will give your children some people may say this is too much. But chores are good and teaching our children responsibility. This is something they are going to need as they grow.

What Are Some Chores To Do Around The House

First let's see what some of the common chores to do around the house are for children. This list can differ from case to case depending on your house and needs. Also, how many of these chores you will assign to your children again depends on you.

  1. Sweep the kitchen
  2. Sweep the dining room and other rooms
  3. Load and unload the dishwasher
  4. Wash the pots and pans with hands
  5. Sort the wash
  6. Fold the wash after it comes out the drier
  7. Dust the TV stand
  8. Dust the tables
  9. Keep the room clean

Benefits of Doing Chores

Regularly doing chores around the house teaches your children a good sense of responsibility. They feel as part of a family and it curbs selfishness because they learn to care for the other members in the house. Also it teaches them to do things.

Imagine a child who hasn't done any chores around the house. She is 5 years old. She goes to a kindergarten and doesn't know how to put on a coat or button her own coat. If you have had relations with kindergarten you probably know that some children can't even use the bathroom by themselves. Parents, we need to teach our children these things.

Or, here is another example. Your seven years old child goes to his friend's house for dinner and has no can't even pour juice in his cup. Now fast forward it 10-14 years. You child is 18 years old. He or she is a college student. However, she has no idea how to do her own laundry because when she was 7-9 years old her mom didn't show her how to do it.

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Now, do you see what benefits can doing chores have on our children?

How Do Chores Teach Responsibility

Kids doing chores means teaching them responsibility. These chores are all stuff they will do when they live on their own. "My 3 yr old dusts, feeds the cats, picks up his toys in his room, picks up clothes, empties his bathroom trash (usually has pull-ups in it) and "helps" vacuum. Oh and makes his bed. He loves it. He has a chore list on the fridge that he marks off. I don't think it's too much at all. It teaches them to be responsible," wrote one mom from one of the parenting groups on Facebook.

Another parent says she makes a bucket with healthy candies. Each one has a chore written on it and each type is set for each kid as they have age appropriate chores on them. They pick 5 a day. Kids need structure and responsibility.

Let no one tell you doing chores is too much for children. You should decide how much they can do. Laziness is a mortal passion. If our children don't grow with a sense of responsibility they will grow lazy and this will have many negative effects on their future life and in their families. They live in our homes and they need to learn that everyone in this life has responsibilities. Thus, they need to learn to pick up and take care of their home. "My son is 2 he puts dishes in the sink helps unload and load the washer and dryer. He helps me sweep the living room hall and his room and put up and organize his toys. They need to learn life isn't free and if they want to do all the extra stuff they do then they need to pitch in," writes another parent.

It's important for kids to learn responsibility and to have chores or they will go throughout life thinking everything needs to be done for them. Doing chores is what most of us were doing growing up. It taught many of us responsibility.

Pros and Cons of Kids Doing Chores

We already talked about the pros. The only "cons" that I see in kids doing chores around the house is that we don't want some mothers negate their responsibilities and leave everything on their children. This is not right. I have heard about a parent who basically handed off all her responsibilities to the house to whoever was the oldest at that time. It may be little untimely. To keep up with the house is primarily the responsibility of the parents. Children see parents doing and they learn from us and copy from us.

Parents, we must teach good examples to our children. Do you remember these words of Jesus from the Gospel? "Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does." John 5:19