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Be Cautious of Recurring Dry Cough: It Could Be Asthma

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Asthma Cough

If you don't know what triggers your recurring dry cough see a doctor because it may be Asthma. Dr. Ademola Orolu, a Consultant Family Physician explains.


CO, a 45 year old man, has been experiencing recurrent dry cough of about 3 months duration. Upon probing during clinical evaluation, he affirmed that the bouts of cough were more when he got exposed to cold or dusty environment. He has never found it difficult to breath. Until otherwise proven, he has asthma. Within a few days of asthma medications, he began to experience relief.

PB, an 8 year old boy, was brought to the hospital by his mum on account of recurrent cough and difficulty with breathing of 1 year duration. He had been taken to patent medicine stores where no consideration of asthma was made. Clinical examination confirmed asthma.

Asthma vs Simple Cough

A few persons go about with complains of recurrent cough or difficulty with breathing or a combination. Some may fortunately know what triggers their discomfort while others do not. Several labels are given to these complains. But the right medications and lifestyle modifications do not start early on time. Such persons may even become unproductive due to the distress. To such individuals, I encourage you to visit a hospital and get checked. "Spiritual causes" have been blamed unnecessarily for conditions that are easy to diagnose if health care is sought.

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Asthma is a serious problem of the airway. It's an allergic condition where the airway narrows (SEE ATTACHED PICTURE) and free flow of air becomes difficult. It can also kill if acute distress is not relieved.

Reference: Dr. Ademola Orolu.

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