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Autistic Children's Parents Share Potty Training Tips

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autism child potty training

Potty training tips for a 9-year-old boy? He is verbal, knows how to use the potty (and does several times a day with no issues), but he has accidents every day (and every night) and he won’t ask to use the bathroom (he has to be told). I got tired of him having a rash from wet clothes, so he is currently in a pull-up. Advice?


What do parents do when they want to potty train their Autistic children? This was a question, yesterday asked at Autism Parents Support & Discussion group on Facebook. Here are some good and useful tips from the parents themselves.

My boy was the same he is 6yrs and since last year I was experiencing the same problem.So what I do make sure he goes toilet before bed he goes to bed at 8 and around 1 o'clock I always wake him up and take him to the toilet. - Shyko Steve.

Jennifer Brown I made my daughter use the bathroom every 15 minutes a lot of work but after a while, she got sick of it and would just go on her own. - Jennifer Brown.

Medical portable potty chair in his bedroom for the night, make him clean it every morning. My son at 25 still has one In his room. Doesn’t t use it much but when it still happens and he would just pee or poo on the floor of his room instead of waking to the bathroom a bedside toilet fixed the accidents. - Ellen Seiders.

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I heard of some people using a watch alarm to help keep up with times to go to the potty. Maybe set the alarm to go off every 30 minutes or hour. Will he wear a watch and maybe you can tell him that the alarm means it is time to potty. - Vera Word.

My daughters 9 now, but I only got her out of pull-ups daytime last year, and as soon as she woke up I got her to go to the toilet. After every drink and meal and hourly in between. It took time, but she got the routine eventually. My daughter is still training at night and I give her a drinking curfew of 7 pm. She goes to bed at 8 pm and I wake her at about 12/1am. So far so good. - Mary Scott.

Until about 9 mine boy did this also it should stop during the day but at night he may need a pull-up. - Deborah Newton.

My son had the same problem. I made him start washing his underwear and then accidents stopped. - Kady Mendoza.

What about you? How did you teach your children potty-training? Please, share your tips in the comments section below for discussion.