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America's big fat denial: 79% blame FDA for Americans' obsession with sugar

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Obesity in America

New report shows that Americans are playing the blame game when it comes to obesity, fat denial and being overweight.


Aly Crea from PMBC sent me the following.

The current state of Americans’ health is in shambles. Recent reports show that at least 20% of the population is overweight or obese in every state, and by the CDC’s calculations, 38% of American adults are obese. According to a recently commissioned survey by SugarChecked, it’s overwhelmingly clear that Americans are playing the blame game when it comes to unhealthy habits.

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· Over 80% of respondents acknowledge they consume too much sugar;
· 90% agree that sugar is highly addictive;
· However, 90% of Americans also believe food labels are misleading, and;
· 79% place blame on the FDA and lax nutrition labeling policies as the culprits behind weight gain

Furthermore, despite easy access to fitness/health tech tools (exercise tracking apps, food monitoring solutions, Fitbit, smartwatches), which literally put health at the fingertips of the American public:

· Only 20% of respondents use the tech available to them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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