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All Things Equal Fasting Adds Years To Your Life

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Water fasting benefits

We have written number of stories about the benefits of fasting, but this new study says it can add years to your life. In the title I wrote "all things equal," and as the story proceeds I will explain why.


One Italian scientist, named Valter Longo has studied the positive benefits of fasting and believes that if you from time to time avoid solid foods, your body will start grow younger. This is called Intermittent fasting.

He believes that "if you take a bacteria and you starve it, the bacteria live longer, become stronger." Dr Longo shared his findings with Sunday Night reporter Denham Hitchcock.

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He did his studies on mice and found that mice who were given less food lived 11 to 18 per cent longer than mice on a normal diet. He also found that during fasting your body's self-cleaning system starts working and it gets rid of damaged cells. As a result your body saves more energy. But what is even more interesting is that he also found that when a fasting person began to eat again after the fast, new stem cells were created.

This is very interesting as I have heard number of stories where people who lived on a stricter diet in terms of food intake, lived longer and healthier. They also seemed to have more energy and less stress.

I have heard of a woman who who passed away a few years ago at age 104. Up until just before her death, she lived at home (cared for by her son) and cleaned her own house. To quote her son, she "ate like a bird". I think there is something to calorie restriction that most of the general population would not even consider doing as a habit.

Now, why I wrote "all things equal" in the title. I believe that life is given by God one cannot prolong his or her years by changing his or her diet. However, you can give your body less damage if you eat healthy and do good works in this world.