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Alcohol at a kid's birthday party for the adults: Yes or No?

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Alcohol at children's birthday party

You go to a someone's child's birthday party with your children and they serve alcohol. Do you think it's OK to serve alcohol at children's birthday parties? If yes, in which cases?


The answer whether or no you should serve alcohol at children's birthday parties depends on the type of a birthday party you are throwing for your children. Sometimes we have birthday parties for our children that only their classmates are invited. Other times we have birthday parties for our children where our family friends are invited too and it's like a general family party

When Not To Serve Alcohol At a Child's Birthday Party
When we have a pool side party for our children in our neighborhood's swimming pool that only children come we never serve alcohol. Usually the menu is pizza, healthy meat recipes and healthy drinks. Or, when we have a child's birthday party where their friend's parents drop their children for the party we never serve alcohol. If if the parents stay and we don't know who they are, or we don't know their drinking habits, again we never serve alcohol at a child's birthday party.

When It Is OK To Serve Alcohol At A Child's Birthday Party
On the other hand, when we have a child's birthday party were also many family friends and relatives are invited and we do in house cooking, we do provide light alcohol drink only for the adults. There are many family member adults who can well supervise the children and alcohol is beyond the reach of children.

Thus, if it was a big family birthday party then alcohol is OK.

Alcohol or No, Depends Where The Party Is

Some parents say they wouldn't provide alcohol on a child's birthday party. However, it depends on where the party is, who's invited, the age of the kids etc. You definitely don't want to provide alcohol at a child's first birthday party if it's in the park. In many states, if not all, alcohol is prohibited in public parks anyway. And one would be shocked to show up to a 1 year old's birthday party at a public park and see a keg of beer.

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Other parents say in some instances wine and beer may be OK, but, but liquor is almost always a bad idea especially around kids. "I went to a 1st birthday party back when my husband was in military and it was a complete disaster. My husband suggested we leave early. The parents got trashed and were more into their smoking circles and beer pong than watching all those poor kids near the pool. A lady legit fed her kid chips and put soda in the babies bottle because she was crying from hunger. That was the last time we went to a kid's birthday party that said 'BYOB,'" wrote one parent sharing her experience. So there are plenty of other times you can drink. Child's birthday party it not about you. It's about them.

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If you know that at the party will be people who are known to be recovering alcoholics, please do not serve alcohol. For this and similar reasons whether you provide alcohol at a child's party or no largely depends on the crowd you have invited. You may have people who do not drink because of religious or etc purposes. If yes, try to be respectful to their wishes and beliefs. Therefore the issues is closed right there.

Show Your Children That People Can Handle Alcohol Without Addiction

Some parents say that very responsibly drinking wine or beer around your children is a good thing because of the following reason. As your children grow up one they in a college or somewhere they will be introduced you drinking. If they don't know what is responsible drinking they are going to succumb to the passion of drinking. If alcohol is hidden from children and viewed negatively then they never learn how to handle it responsibly. We the parents have the responsibility and calling to teach our children to make the right decisions. Show your children that people without an addiction can handle alcohol and be good people. This is important. In Europe, apparently it's part of the culture and they have far less issues with alcohol addiction and drunk driving. In France, Spain and Italy children grow up being taught how to handle alcohol and shown how to use it. Also, in college, my experience was the kids who's parents were super strict and hid things, were the kids that drunk alcohol irresponsibly. They didn't know how to drink alcohol and go to class in the morning. Teach your children about things. Teach them how to have a good time with alcohol without letting it control or negatively effect your life.

Having written this, avoid drinking in front of your children all the time if you can't handle alcohol yourself. I have heard of parents who drink in front of their children all the time and get verbally abusive. This is neither a good example, nor a good behavior.

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Thus, whether you should provide alcohol or no at a child's party depends on your party and the people you have invited. Use sound judgement to make decisions.