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This Active Blogger Lived Without Facebook and Internet for 365 Days

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What happens to you when you give up Facebook and internet and live a normal life. How does one survive for an entire year? Here is one man's story, which was sent to EmaxHealth from Outside Magazine's Jacob Streiter.


No Twitter. No Facebook. No checking emails or newsfeeds. An entire year disconnected from the internet.

That’s what Grist.org star political blogger David Roberts set out to accomplish late in the summer of 2013. Roberts, burned out from the daily, addictive grind of the digital news cycle and social media, dropped it all cold turkey and decided to spend some more time living a life away from the screen—actually engaging with the world and his deep-seated sense of adventure.

In an exclusive feature for OUTSIDE magazine, Roberts recounts the experience of his web-free days. In an era where anything can be tweeted, shared, liked, or pinned, his sabbatical journey became one of self-discovery—for both himself and the reader.

From struggling in hot yoga class, to being a more mindful person and developing a deeper bond with his family, David’s experience is eye-opening to anyone looking to get away from the constant pinging and flash of this generation’s ubiquitous bright screens.

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“When I wasn’t walking or at yoga, I was doing yard work, reading novels or enjoying time with the kids. I spent hours at a time absorbed in a single activity. My mind felt quieter, less jumpy,” wrote Roberts in his report for OUTSIDE.

On September 2, Roberts will go back to work at Grist.org and pick up where he left off, but now he’ll have a new set of survival strategies that he developed during his year away. “When I’m writing, I want to write with full focus. When I’m pinging, I want to ping without angst or guilt. When I’m with my family, I want to be with my family, not half in my phone,” writes Roberts. “It is the challenge of our age, in work and in life: to do one thing at a time… with care and attention.”

Readers can find Roberts’ story in the October issue of OUTSIDE magazine or at OUTSIDE Online.

For more information on OUTSIDE’s Unplugged feature or to schedule an interview with Roberts, please contact Jacob Streiter at [email protected] or 646 695 7057.

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