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New Breast Cancer Vaccine Is Safe And Effective

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Scientists have developed a breast cancer vaccine which turned to be an effective and safe means for even very aggressive types of breast cancer in a mice trial.

According to the American Cancer Society statistics, breast cancer is the most deadly one causing 1.3 million newly diagnosed and 465000 deaths cases a year worldwide. Patients with HER2 positive cancer account for 20-30% of all cancer sufferers. This type of cancer is very aggressive and drug resistant. The most common drug to fight breast cancer is Herceptin, but HER2 cancer mutates and gets used to the drug.

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Researchers from Wayne State University in Detroit have developed a breast cancer vaccine based on a process called electroporation - electrical pulse aimed at boosting immune system. Researchers took a certain DNA producing HER2 receptor, mixed it with immune system stimulant, and put the mixture into a bacterium genetic material (plasmid). The created gene is traveling through the body, looking for cancerous cells, creating immune system proteins, which are fighting the cancer.

In other words, a small gene is being inserted in patient's body, which makes the body to create its own vaccine and fight the breast cancer. This means that the breast cancer vaccine is being created right in the body, not in a lab.

Now the researchers report that the vaccine showed to be absolutely safe and effective to fight all forms of breast cancers and even the HER2 positive one in a mice trial. There are also other HER2 positive cancers - colorectal and ovarian - which may be beaten thanks to this vaccine.

Scientists ensure that all women - those who still respond to breast cancer drugs, who have the drug resistant form, who have been cured once, but are at risk of disease recurrence, and even those who are disease free - can use the vaccine to beat the breast cancer or avoid possible complication.