Vaccine Ingredient Thimerosal Safe For Children, Study

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A new study offers more proof that thimerosal -- a mercury-based preservative once used in many vaccines -- poses no threat to children's brains. There has been intense debate about whether thimerosal causes autism, a link repeatedly discounted in scientific studies.

The new study included 1,403 Italian children who were given vaccines in the early 1990s and underwent brain function tests 10 years later. Those tests showed no signs of problems and only one case of autism was identified, the Associated Press reported.


The findings appear in the February issue of the journal Pediatrics.

"Put together with the evidence of all the other studies, this tells us there is no reason to worry about the effect of thimerosal in vaccines," said lead author, Dr. Alberto Tozzi of Bambino Gesu Hospital in Rome, the AP reported.

The study was welcomed by outside experts.

"It's yet another well-done, peer-reviewed research study that has demonstrated there is no risk of any neurodevelopmental outcomes associated with thimerosal in vaccines," University of Pennsylvania epidemiologist Jennifer Pinto-Martin told the AP.


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Just curious to know who it is that believes putting mercury into the body of a child is a good idea. Funny how a study of 1,403 Italian children showed up only one with autism when in the US today we have one out of every 150 with autism.
Just curious to know who it is that believes putting mercury into the body of a child is a good idea.>>> No kidding. Especially when pediatricians often recommend giving Tylenol along with that mercury. Tylenol depletes glutathione, which is what you need to process the contents of the vaccine! Ever notice that the spike in autism started almost immediately after aspirin was linked to Reye's Syndrome and everyone was told to give their kids only Tylenol?
"Vaccine Ingredient Thimerosal Safe For Children". If it's safe for children it must surely be safe for adults. Maybe someone from the CDC, AAP, Paul Offit, etc. would like to prove this. They could even tell us if it hurts.