Prescription Alteration Becoming Major Problem

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Prescription alteration is becoming a major problem in this country among teenagers as they alter prescriptions given by doctor to get other types of prescription drugs for a different purpose. The problem is particularly growing among the American youth.

Now the police in Kentucky is working with the area dentists and asking to corroborate to eliminate this problem.


The Louisville Metro Police Department has recently asked area dentists for their help in cases involving prescription alteration. By simply placing a copy of any prescription for a controlled substance in their patients charts, dentists are able to provide evidence of the original prescription when patients are suspected of altering their prescription.

If police are unable to obtain a copy of the original prescription or verify the original through thorough chart notes, they will not be able to make an arrest. If you have further questions or wish to report suspicious activity, please contact Sergeant Stanley Salyards of the Louisville Metro Police at 502-574-8617 or the appropriate authorities in your area.

By Kentucky Board of Dentistry