Consumers Believe Generic Medicines are Right Choice

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The Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GPhA) today said the results of a Harris Poll published today on consumer preference for generic pharmaceuticals demonstrates the confidence consumers have in the safety, effectiveness and sameness of generics, and an understanding of the savings generics provide, particularly in these difficult economic times.

"With 81% percent of Americans stating that they would chose a generic over a brand name drug, it is clear that consumers understand that generic medicines provide the same clinical results as brand name drugs, but at significantly lower costs," said Kathleen Jaeger, GPhA President and CEO. "When one goes deeper into the findings of the Harris Poll, 40% of respondents said they would 'always chose to buy generic drugs over brand name,' a 17% increase since 2006. Conversely, only 4% of respondents said they 'would always choose to buy brand name prescription drugs over generics,' less than half of the response tallied in 2006. The Harris Poll concluded that the size of the trend toward low cost generics, while predicted, was striking.


"For 25 years, generic medicines have been helping to dramatically reduce health care costs for consumers and federal and state governments alike. As members of Congress and the Obama Administration search for ways to reduce health care costs while increasing access to quality care, this new poll clearly shows that Americans believe that generics are the right choice for better health.

"GPhA is committed to working with Congress and the Administration to seek ways to increase timely access to affordable generic medicines, to remove barriers to generic competition and generic substitution, and to seek ways to increase the impact that generics – and ultimately biogenerics – can create in lowering America's health care bill. As several studies have stated, the approval of a pathway to permit FDA approval of biogenerics would offer significant additional savings opportunities for consumers and our nation."

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