Walgreens One Of The Stores Open On Christmas Day

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What stores are open on Christmas Day? This is one of the main questions today on the minds of many Americans, particularly for those who are worried about filling their prescription medications on Christmas day or if they need some urgent first aid.

Walgreens says that it's one of the stories that is open on Christmas Day. Seniors and consumers can refill their prescription medications at Walgreens on Christmas day.

While the reason of Walgreens being open store on Christmas Day is to try to increase the last minute holiday sales it certainly offers people to consider to relax by relieving some stress after the busy holidays.


Walgreens says why don't you help a loved one relax while you save. Whether it’s a shiatsu massaging chair, foot massager, foot spa, candles or even at-home facials, these gift options may feel like a splurge but are savvy picks for the cost conscious.

It seems that what store is open and what is not open on Christmas day depends on the local situation. For example, according to L.A. Times "despite the grim economic outlook, no major chains appear to have decided to stay open on Christmas in hopes of luring more last-minute shoppers. Spokespeople for Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Nordstrom, Kmart and Sears said their stores will be closed on Christmas. All of them said store officials never discussed the possibility of staying open on Dec. 25."

However, The Post Chronicle, covering what stores are open on Christmas Day writes "Wal-mart is open, as is K-Mart and Best Buy." Therefore, we assume that the open hours of the department stores varies from place to place.

This story is certainly is not about helping to increase sales, but rather to help people to get first aid or refill their prescription drugs if they need to. Surely we know that Walgreens is open on Christmas Day. Therefore, that can be your first destination for your emergency shopping.

If you don't know what stores are open during Christmas Day in your location here is what you can do. Go online and search for the name of a particular store in your location. The results will also show the telephone number of the store. You can call and find out if the store is open or not. At least it will probably announce operating hours.