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Heart Attacks Less Deadly In USA

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Heart Attack

Heart Attack becomes less deadly in the United States as health care improves in the country, says a new study. After reviewing more than 10,000 cases of heart attacks in four U.S. regions, the researchers found a decrease in mortality associated with heart attack. The cases of this heart disease have dropped from 5.3% in 1987 to 3.8% in 2002.

In reviewing 20 indicators of severity, the researchers found that heart attacks today are not as harmful and deadly as in the past, according to a study published Sunday by HealthDay News.

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"There are several possible reasons why heart attacks do not kill as many people," said the lead researcher, Dr. Merle Myerson, director of prevention of cardiovascular diseases at St. Luke's-Roosevelt New York. "We need to examine and determine how we should educate the next generation of health care providers to continue this progress," said Myerson.

"Part of the reason," said Myerson, "is linked to the quality of care that people receive in hospital. There are better drugs, including antiplatelet drugs and anticoagulants can clean blockages. There are also new medical procedures and doctors become more skilled at performing operations and angioplasty and bypass the implanted stent to open blocked arteries," she added.

People may also have moinx crisis because of the treatment received, according to Myerson. "People now are able to receive more preventive care before they have a heart attack", while doctors work to better diagnose and treat hypertension or high cholesterol, she said.

She also attributed the survival rate of heart attacks to the fact that people improve their diet, taking aspirin and do the exercise.