Alzheimer's Disease Should Be Stopped Before Epidemic

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Alzheimer's disease is a form of dementia which affects most of the elderly, and with the world's aging population it becomes a huge issue to cover Alzheimer's related costs.

According to estimates by Alzheimer's Association, there will be more than 100 million people by 2050 suffering from Alzheimer's, which is four times more than the current number of sufferers and which will account for the half of elderly worldwide.

Currently, there are about 5.2 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer's disease and by 2050 the number will increase to 16 million, 10 million of whom will be baby boomers.


Government bodies, health officials and caregivers will not be able to handle costs for Alzheimer's dementia treatment, this is why the association urges the public to be more educated and informed about the disease. Donations are needed to help the fight against the disease. It also urges health officials to find better Alzheimer's treatments to delay the disease and treat it, so that older people can improve their quality of life. Alzheimer's Association urges everyone to join the fight and make it a global priority. It also asks to help raise Alzheimer's awareness.

World Alzheimer's Day, September 21, is a day when Alzheimer's associations around the world concentrate their efforts on raising awareness about Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. Currently there are more than 26 million people across the world living with Alzheimer’s and that number will quadruple by 2050.

World Alzheimer's Day was first launched on September 21, 1994, at the Alzheimer's Disease International (ADI) conference as part of the 10th anniversary celebration.

Alzheimer's disease affects one's brain and starts destroying its cells. Eventually, the disease kills the patient. When the disease just starts, the patient starts losing memory, but later when it develops, it destroys the most part of the brain and the patient becomes unable to control his body and perform even very simple thing like breathing. This disease is a form of dementia which is recognized to be the number six killer in US.

Every single person in the world is proud to see aging population living longer, but older people should also live healthier. Alzheimer's disease is a major cause affecting elderly health and the disease must be stopped.



Alzheimer's is caused by a lack of membrane integrity. An intracellular protein escapes through the cell membrane into surroundings where it precipitates into large aggregates that ultimately kill brain cells. Healthy membranes depend upon availability of several vitamins that are lacking in the American diet. These vitamins are choline, B12, B6, folic acid, and DHA. There is no profit to be made by telling people to eat wholesome foods. Neither is there any career potential in stating the obvious. If you deprive your brain of the essential construction materials for regeneration and repair then you brain will disintegrate. An so it does.
I think it is the resposibility of all people to do what they can to prevent Alzheimer's disease in themselves. It is no secret that eating right, not smoking and keeping mentally and physically active delays the onset or even prevents Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. So why don't people do these things. We all need to take responsibility. We cannot wait for a magic pill. Really effective drug therapy is years away at best. Maybe people think prayer is the answer? What do you think? by Susan Berg author of Adorable Photographs of Our Baby-Meaningful Mind Stimulating Activities and More for the Memory Challenged, Their Loved Ones and Involved Professionals a book for those with dementia and an excellent resource for caregivers and healthcare professionals.