Austin Ensures Flu Test Access After H1N1 Increase

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Flu Test in Austin

In light of the recent H1N1 flu outbreak, the City of Austin is trying to assure that the most vulnerable of the City’s population have access to flu testing when needed. A call center has been created to provide appointments for persons showing flu-like symptoms who truly have no resources to be tested.

Please contact the nearest City of Austin neighborhood center if you meet all of the following criteria:

* No existing doctor
* Fever over 100
* Cough and/or sore throat

Residents calling in will be screened by a neighborhood center worker and, if appropriate, will refer for a medical appointment for flu testing.

Message from the Director Austin/Travis County Health and Human Services

Influenza pandemics are explosive global events where most people worldwide are at risk for infection and illness. During the last century there were three pandemics.

We are not currently experiencing a pandemic. But there is concern because of the particular strain (H5N1) of bird flu that is evolving in other parts of the world. It is uncertain as to whether the virus will develop into a highly contagious form that spreads easily among people. However, this is an opportunity to educate our families, the community, and ourselves so that we are better prepared to handle and manage any potentially large-scale public health event.

Given our focus on public health preparedness and our successes and lessons learned from our recent hurricane response, we are better organized today than we have ever been for a potential event of this magnitude. The Austin/Travis County Health & Human Services Department is in constant contact with State and National authorities on pertinent developments, receiving regular updates on public health situations nationally and globally.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is setting the guidelines that states and local health agencies are following. Locally, City of Austin staff is working with the business community, health care providers, school officials, community-based organizations, and volunteers to sustain essential services and ensure optimal readiness.

The key to successfully dealing with a potentially serious outbreak is providing timely and useful information to the community so that people can make informed decisions about how to best protect themselves. We hope you find this website a useful tool. We encourage all of our citizens to begin a conversation with family, friends, business associates and others and take the necessary steps to stay informed and be prepared.

City of Austin Neighborhood Center Locations:

Blackland Neighborhood Center
2005 Salina (22)

Rosewood-Zaragosa Neighborhood Ctr.
2800 Webberville Road (02)

East Austin Neighborhood Center
211 Comal Street (02)

South Austin Neighborhood Center
2508 Durwood (04)

Montopolis Neighborhood Center
1416 Montopolis Drive (41)

St. John’s Community Center
7500 Blessing Avenue (52)