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California Has Dozen More Swine Flu Cases

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California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is giving a press conference with the state health officials updating on what CA is doing to tackle and control swine flu in the states. I heard the health official saying that the CA swine flu confirmed patients have not traveled to Mexico and have no Mexico connections in that regard.

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Commenting on EU recommendation not to travel to USA the governor says that we are not yet at a point to not recommend people to travel to Canada or EU. However, he said it's a wise decision not to travel to Mexico. The governor says if we get to the next stage point then we will also have the travel warning in regard to swine flu.

"We work together with our Mexican friends at the border," said the governor. However, there is no restrictions at this time. He said we are working around the clock to solve this swine flu problem as fast as we can.

CA will receive nearly 1.5 doses of Tamiflu from the Federal government. That is in process right now and the antiviral Tamiflu will come to Sacarmento initially and from there will be distributed throughout the state. This 1.5 million doses of Tamiflu is almost 25 percent of the Federal Stockpile.