9 Creative Uses of Old Encyclopedias and How To Repurpose Them

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What to do with old encyclopedias and how to repurpose them in creative ways. You have a set of old Encyclopedia and don't use them already for a long time. Why not repurpose them? Here are few ideas on what you can do with them, including donating to those who will benefit from it.


1. Donate Them

Donating your old Encyclopedia to people who want to read is a good way of repurposing it. It's not only a creative use, but also benefits other people who can't afford buying an Encyclopedia. These days many people don't need to keep an Encyclopedia because they not only get them on their computers, but also on their smartphones. However, still there are many people who like to touch a book and read them. But also there are still many people in the world who don't have access to the internet or even to books. See if there are any programs that can donate your Encyclopedia to someone in a different country where they don't have that much access to internet or books. Donating your old Encyclopedia is a good way to repurpose it.

2. Use As A Scrapbook

I have heard some people repurpose their old Encyclopedia and use its volumes as scrapbooks. This is convenient because Encyclopedias are large and their binding is usually very pretty. Your children may like a repurposing project like this. You can put family pictures, artwork and photos of good memories in them.

Here is how you can turn your old Encyclopedia into a nice scrapbook. Cut every other page out or every two so the book still closes. Just cut them as you go. Put a new label over the name of the encyclopedia and the alphabet letters. They love looking thru them.

3. Make a Clock Out of Old Book

You can make a clock out of your old Encyclopedia, or out of any old book. If you google book clocks you will see many results of images and DIY instructions of how to make book clocks. It's a neat project and you can do it with your children.

4. Mode Podge a Table

You can mode podge a table with book pages. I saw one person had done it. The table was white and he mode podged it with Encyclopedia pages. It looked really good. Simply cut letters or pages and paint or decoupage the cover. There are number of tutorials on Youtube and Pinterest. Alternatively, you can also glue them together to make and end table or the base for a children's table.

5. Use Old Book Pages As Wallpaper

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Another creative use of your old Encyclopedia is to use its pages wallpaper. You can simply cut out the ones with pictures, or interesting facts, some Elmer's glue and water and there you have it. I have heard of one person who did it in a small bathroom years ago and it was quite nice and something to read. However, I don't know how long it lasted. Perhaps there are special materials that you can pain over, so it lasts longer. A local Home Depot or Lowe's Home Improvement will help on that.

6. Storage Place for Money and Jewelry

I think this is a very creative use of an old book or Encyclopedia. Someone on the internet suggested to repurpose them to make a storage place for jewelry or money. Simply open a book, cut the pages in and make a hollow space. Then glue the edges of the pages u have cut and spray paint. You can store money and jewellery when thieves come in. They will think its a book. How will anyone know you keep your valuables inside?

7. Make a Planter

This is a really creative use of an old Encyclopedia if you can't do anything else with it. Make a planter. Cut the inside from the book cover and pages and make a hole. Fill it with soil and you have a nice planter. Plant anything you want in it.

8. Make a Lamp Taller

You can also use your old Encyclopedia or any book too make your lamps taller. For this you may need a couple of books. When you need a lamp to be taller just put them under base of lamp to make it higher.

9. Make Ornaments

I have heard people repurposing old books and making different types of toys and ornaments from them. One other creative way of repurposing an old Encyclopedia is make Christmas ornaments from them.

In conclusion, I suggest these other options only as an option if you can't donate it to someone who may need it and can benefit from it. No need to waste a good book for self-serving purpose. I am convinced that if you can't use an old books like Encyclopedia donate them to a local school, to a local library or to a young student you is eager to learn new things. Those, who lack resources, will be grateful to you for such a donation. DIY projects are good, but acts of kindness and care are better. They will even improve your health and well being.

Image source: iwish Bookclock Table Clock, Colorful Faux Books

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