Elizabeth Adeney Pregnant At 66

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Elizabeth Adeney, a woman defying the mother nature is pregnant at 66 years of age and expects to give birth in June. The 66 years old woman has conceived with vitro at a fertility clinic in Ukraine because according to NY Post "British clinics do not treat women over 50. "

Her pregnancy at 66 years of age has arisen many ethical questions including how old is too old to be pregnant. Now Elizabeth Adeney has ignited a firing debate on pregnancy and IVF therapy. A wealthy and divorced Adeney is now set to be UK's oldest pregnant woman to give birth to a child at 66. She is expected to give birth in June through a C-section.


"I'm shocked by the idea of a 66-year-old woman giving birth," professor Severino Antinori, Britain's top medical expert on helping older women bear children told The Sunday Times of London. "I respect the choice medically, but I think anything over 63 is risky, because you cannot guarantee the child will have a loving mother or family."

He said he feared the child would end up suffering from the lack of a parent. If the parent is pregnant at 66 years may God give her long life so the child grows up enjoying the love of a mother.

"It is possible to give a child to the mother up to the age of 83, but it is medically criminal to do this," he said, "because the likelihood is that, after a year or two, the child will lose his mum and suffer from psychological problems."