How Michael Jackson Developed Painkiller Addiction

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Michael Jackson during Pepsi ommercial gets hair on fire

According to reports surfacing on the internet today the painkiller addiction to Michael Jackson came from a place that no one could possible expect. CNN and WSJ report that Michael Jackson developed his addiction to painkillers after the 1995 accident when during the filming of the Pepsi commercial the fire effect when wrong and put his hair one fire.

Jackson suffered serious injuries, including second-degree burns. He had to undergo a serious surgery. After that surgery he says he developed his painkiller addiction, which is blamed for negatively effecting his life. WSJ reports that it also started the process of his face transplant.


In the video you can see that he is very calm when is his lead away to receive medical care. This is despite suffering second-degree burns, which initiated his face transplant and he started taking more painkillers after this.

Many have blamed Michael Jackson for painkiller addiction, but this Pepsi commercial and putting his hair on fire may soften people's minds as Jackson may have been suffering from a seirous accident rather than using painkillers for a different reason.

In the following link you can see the 1985 Pepsi commercial of how Michael Jackson gets fire on his head. However, we would like to warn you that the video of Michael Jackson accident during the Pepsi commercial putting his hair on fire is quite graphic and some of you may find it disturbing.

Written by Armen Hareyan



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