Many Americans won't see their Obamacare provisions for months

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The HSS is having a huge impact on the health insurance business. Many are closing down their new sales divisions because the uncertainty in the industry and the simple fact even if the carriers play by the rules there may not be any money left because "there is great concern that the money coming to the states from the federal government may not be sufficient to last through 2014," said Leighton Ku, a professor at the George Washington Department of Health Policy.

Several conditions and provisions in the new HSS may vary depending on where people live.

Obamacare changes come at a time when states are grappling with increased global stress and lower personal budgets, leading many to look toward the federal government for assistance and handouts. Millions have been earmarked for Obamacare, but many may never see its health insurance benefits, and if they do it may not be this year. However the states are required to move forward by law and with that may cause some problems just meeting deadlines.

Obamacare forces small health insurance companies to come up with flexible ways and new plans


Smaller health insurance carriers are able to move much quicker, and we see them leading the pack with new products and offerings, while the larger players are moving a bit slower. Some of the speed may be due to the mid-term elections where many Americans hope to see some more CHANGE, but in a different direction.

Does anyone fully understand all the bits and pieces of the new plan, probably not but . Fact is I tried to read several pages and it put me to sleep, with Over 2700 pages do you really think anyone has actually read the whole thing?

Individuals with pre-existing conditions are on the short list, if they have not had coverage for the last 6 months they will be ahead of someone who has been paying for their insurance the whole time.

Another note is Maternity, how will that be handled as it is a PRE EXISTING condition, and many people wait until it is too late to buy a maternity health insurance plan so will that be considered a pre-existing condition. I guess we will just have to wait and see, but one thing is for sure that CHANGE that America voted for is coming.

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