Why Spending Millions to Monitor Health Insurance Premiums

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Wisconsin will receive one million in federal grant to monitor health insurance premiums and improve the oversight on monitoring the rise in the cost, Milwaukee Journal Sentine. Why are we spending money monitoring a system, when we know the outcome?


Insurance was originally designed to spread the risk across all the members who shared in the coverage. That means everyone who participates in coverage would pay their fair share and receive their fair benefit if an insurable event happened.

Health insurance not designed to be a management platform for the government

It was never designed to be the management platform for the government to control more of the tax payers money. In-fact, if the insured does not have any skin in the game it is no longer insurance, but management.

Healthcare management is what should be monitored. That is the expenses and costs passed on to the end user (the Patient).

If you were paying your medical bill in cash, I am sure you would treat your bill and the service you received differently. If you saw the expense of a Q-tip was $14.00 you may not ask for any more or bring your own.


If you received a bill and realized you were charged for something you didn’t even get you would fight for your money back

What would you do if you went to Wal-e-world, and they overcharged you ? You would ask for a refund and expect. What if you were charged $14.00 for a steak that did not end up in your bag when you got home. You would call the store and expect a refund if not more.

Have you ever questioned a doctor or hospital bill?

If you have you know it is not easy, nor do they care! Many companies make millions every year off services never rendered or overcharging for products because the bill just gets paid by the insurance company.

I am not saying health insurance companies are flawless, but we really need to look at all the healthcare problems and maybe spend some of the Obamacare money fixing the root cause not just the symptoms.

Written By Jeff Cline (Insurance Agent) who writes for PolicyStore.