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Researcher Offers Healthy Aging To Increase Life Beyond 120

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Reforming health care is currently one of President Obama’s top domestic priorities. The factors in this overhaul include prior health conditions, cost and possibly life expectancy. The United States spends more than any other country on health care but does not lead the world in life expectancy. With the average American life span at about 78 years, experts believe that more government expenditure on health care will result in a lower mortality rate. What if there was a way, in addition to a healthy lifestyle, that we could lower the mortality rate without the help of the government?

Dr. Wulf Droege says there is a way. With over 40 years of research and experience in the fields of immunology and biochemistry, Dr. Droege has dedicated his life to the areas of aging and death. He has recently uncovered new insights into the internal mechanisms of aging and describes steps aiming at increasing our life span beyond the current maximum human life span of 120 years. These topics and more are discussed in his new book, Avoiding the First Cause of Death.

In 2006, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention released a study that revealed the average life expectancy of a U.S. citizen to be 77.7 years. Age-related diseases, such as heart failure, have shown to be key factors in this statistic and are largely impacted by our personal lifestyle choices. To improve your lifestyle, you are well advised to read one of the many books on aging and life extension and to have plenty of fruits, vegetables and physical exercise. With these recommendations, you are likely to live a few years longer but can still expect to die within the maximum human life span of about 120 years.

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Dr. Wulf Droege, noted immunologist and biochemist, has authored a book for all those health aficionados who are already observing the various recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and want to reach beyond the current maximum human life span of approximately 120 years. Dr. Droege has been actively engaged in biomedical research for over 40 years and has published more than 200 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals. As department head at the National Cancer Research Center of Germany and professor of immunology and cell biology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, Dr. Droege has contributed to key findings related to the age-related oxidative stress and the mechanisms of aging and disease-related wasting. He uses this research and credible references in his new book, Avoiding the First Cause of Death.

“I have dedicated many years of my scientific career to understanding the causes of aging,” says Dr. Droege. “The cutting edge developments detailed in my book reveal important new clues about the mechanisms of aging and suggest ways to aim for a longer, better life.”

After studying chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Freiburg (Germany), Dr. Droege served as a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University and as a scientific member at the Basel Institute of Immunology in Switzerland. He is a member of several scientific societies and contributed key findings to the areas of redox physiology and redox signaling.

He divides his time between his homes in Montreal, Canada and Heidelberg, Germany.

Avoiding the First Cause of Death is available for purchase at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com and iUniverse.com.