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Study Validates Ant-Aging Supplement For Baby Boomers

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Anti-Aging Formulas, LLC, announced the results of a pilot clinical trial on the use of the Renuva System, two anti-aging nutritional supplements formulated to support the natural production and release of human growth hormone (HGH). Results of the clinical trial showed a clear increase in HGH after use of the Renuva System products.

The pilot study was conducted by researchers from the Center for Nutrition and Preventative Medicine in North Carolina, TechEnterprises in California, and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University Study. Results, published in the peer reviewed journal Open Nutraceuticals Journal, indicated that the "Renuva System that includes the 'Renuva Generator Powder', and 'Renuva Infuser Oral Spray'... taken either together or individually increased GH (growth hormone) and IGF-1 (insulin growth factor), a marker that denotes levels of growth hormone."

Numerous studies have confirmed that growth hormone along with other hormones produced by the glands of the endocrine system decline with age. After the age of 20 to 30, the amount of growth hormone produced by the body falls about 14% per decade. By the age of 60, total production rate is reduced by half, resulting in decreasing mental and physical abilities.

Because of its vital role in the body's usage of minerals and other nutrients, as well as in the production and release of other important hormones, HGH is considered by many health experts to be the "master hormone." Reversing the loss of HGH is a prime focus of anti-aging research, as well as a highly sought-after solution for health-conscious individuals and athletes looking to maintain or improve their physical prowess.

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"The study validates the results we have seen from customer reports for years," said Marshall Swerman, President of Anti-Aging Formulas. "It confirms that both the Renuva Generator Powder and the Renuva Infuser Oral Spray, which we've been selling since 2003, taken together or separately produce a significant increase in the release of human growth hormone while they promote a healthy endocrine system.

"It verifies each product is an effective HGH precursor and secretagogue. We're not aware of any other company that has actually subjected their anti-aging supplements to this kind of clinical trial, or achieved these kinds of results." he said.

Unlike many HGH products, especially HGH supplements taken by athletes and body builders that require mega-dosages of amino acids to bring about an increase in HGH production, the Renuva breakthrough is their proprietary low dose formulation of amino acids.

The conclusion of the study states that "The administration of the two-part Renuva System significantly increased the percent increase of GH from baseline and increased IGF-1 levels in normal volunteers. The time of IGF-1 peak response was found to be slower than that reported when GH-releasing peptides were injected, but the overall response seemed to be similar."

Anti-Aging Formulas plans on performing further studies to confirm the results of their pilot study.