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Exercising, Healthy Food Slow Aging Process

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Vegan diet and aging

Eat healthy, exercise and keep a regular fitness schedule. Vegan diet helps too. Healthy lifestyle changes may slow down aging by boosting enzyme telomerase levels.

A team of researchers from Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California examined 30 low-risk prostate cancer men, who are asked to make dramatic lifestyle changes. This includes healthy food intake, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fish oil, and soy products. They were also asked to exercise regularly, manage stress, meditate, and do breathing exercises.

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Participants were measured for enzyme telomerase levels in blood, which are responsible for lengthening parts of chromosomes (telomeres) covering immune cells. Aging people have telomeres shortened and cells less protected. There are also other factors shortening chromosomes, such as smoking and obesity.

After the three month study period participants showed to have chromosomes longer by 29%, compared to the results at the beginning of the study. Besides, men showed to have positive changes in 500 genes responsible for protecting organism from numerous diseases. They also had disease causing genes weakened, such as the ones responsible for breast, prostate, colon and lung cancers.

People and scientists are always looking for ways to stay younger and slow down the aging process. They are ready to spend a lot to look younger, while there is a quite natural and successful way to age slowly and live healthily. The only thing needed is just healthy lifestyle.