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Aloe Vera May Be Good For Teeth And Gums

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Aloe vera for healthy gums

Research finds new benefits of aloe vera on dental health. The benefits of aloe vera on health are known since antiquity. However, this plant, much used for the skin, would also be good for teeth, and help fight cavities, according to a study published in the May-June issue of General Dentistry.

This study compared the results of dental gels made from aloe vera, and two conventional toothpastes in the fight against the bacteria in the mouth that cause caries. The gels made aloe vera have proven as effective as the commercial toothpastes, if not better, shows the study.

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Gels with aloe vera are also less corrosive because they do not contain abrasive ingredients like other toothpastes do. This could be a good alternative for the people who have sensitive gums.

Experts say that the makers of aloe vera gels for gums should comply with all the safety regulations and rules governing the use of aloe vera for health purposes. The plant should not be heated excessively or filtered if used in making of toothpaste.

The buyers of toothpaste made from aloe vera should beware too. Dental products must contain the stabilized gel that is located in the center of the aloe vera plant in order to be effective.

Armen Hareyan
General Dentistry
Comparative evaluation of the antimicrobial efficacy of aloe vera tooth gel and two popular commercial toothpastes: An in vitro study
By Dilip George, MDS
Sham S. Bhat, MDS
Beena Antony, PhD
Page 238-241