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Vida Tea Introduces Sparkling Drink With Zero Sodium

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Vida Tea

There is a new type of tea in the organic food market. Vida tea offers the consumers to rethink what we have been drinking and start to enjoy new type of tea, the Vida Tea.

The Vida Tea is an all natural green tea. The company claims that it has zero sodium. The Vida Tea is made by premium antioxidant formula, which is lightly sweetened by an organic agave nectar.

The Vida Tea describes its tea making philosophy as one that is developed for the consumer, who is looking for a truly healthy alternative to soda, energy and sugar filled traditional teas. "By using Agave nectar as Vida Tea's primary sweetener, a unique blend of 3 green teas from around the world, additional antioxidants and vitamins, Vida Tea appeals to not on the tea enthusiast, but the carbonated soft drink consumer who's looking to lead a healthier lifestyle without sacrificing the everyday joys of drinking carbonated beverage. As an ultra premium sparkling green tea, you can be assured that only the highest quality ingredients and the latest in nutritional research have been used to formulate Vida Tea," reads the company website.

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The ingredients of the Vida Tea include Organic Agave Nectar, Grape SEed Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Coenzyme Q10 and EGCG (Catechin). The Q&A reads that Vida Tea naturally contains caffeine from green tea leaves. The ammount of the caffeine that is contained in each Vida Tea can is approximately 30mg.

We know that some people are using green tea to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you wonder about Vida Tea's capability to help you to lose weight, here is what the company has to say. "Being that Vida Tea contains green tea, it naturally contains EGCG, which is proven to help burn calories." The producer claims that Vida Tea contains "no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors" and is all natural.

Not many distributors are caring Vida Tea yet, the company website only names , but it's also being sold through the maker of the Vida Tea and Reizit has the sales information about where and how to buy Vida Tea.

The available types of the teas for purches are Vida Tea Desert Pear Green Tea, Vida Tea Pomegranate Green Tea, Vida Tea Wild Berry Green Tea, Vida Tea Mixed Case. All of them come in 12 cans at $19.99 with free shipping.