Americans Taking Action to Watch Salmonella Risk

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Peanut Salmonella Risk

The Harvard Opinion Research Program at the Harvard School of Public Health discovered that the recent peanut recall has prompted more Americans to take action to reduce their risk of salmonella. Americans are now checking the ingredients in the products on their grocery list.

The Harvard poll also shows that twenty seven percent of people who are aware of the peanut recalls have thrown away any household foods that might contain peanuts or peanut products, and fifteen percent have stopped eating any food with peanuts.

The survey, conducted February 4-8, 2009 also showed that it has been hard for people to keep up with reports of salmonella contaminated peanut products. Twenty five percent of people think that major peanut butter brands are laced with salmonella. Most (70%) know that peanut butter crackers are off-limits. Less than half of those surveyed know that cookies, ice cream, brownies, candy, pet treats, and other peanut products are included in the recall.

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Robert Blendon, professor of Health Policy and Political Analysis at the Harvard School of Public Health suggests that we all check the FDA website frequently to keep up with peanut recalls. Many individuals are still not aware of the scope of salmonella spread from peanut containing products, as the list continues to grow.

However Blendon does say, "There's a striking level of awareness of this recall, and many people have taken action.

Americans are losing faith in food production and inspection groups, another finding from the study. Lack of confidence in food safety experts was expressed by more than six in ten Americans. "The results suggest that all those involved in the food safety system need to act quickly to fix the problems and increase public confidence," says Blendon.

Most people have been prompted to watch their health by checking the risk of salmonella as the result of the peanut recalls, but many may not understand the entire scope of recalled products.

Keep yourself up to date about peanut recalls by visiting: You can also call 1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636) anytime for peanut recall updates.