More Food Products from China Deemed Unsafe

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It is now reported that not only has much infant formula in China been contaminated with the industrial chemical, melamine, but now other foods appear to be at risk. Chicken, fish and hog feed are under investigation.

If the hog feed is poisonous that means meat and meat products may also be contaminated.


David Barboza reports this unpleasant news in an article in the 10/27/08 New York Times. Thus it would appear that fish, meat, chicken, milk and milk products need to be checked before they are purchased to see if they come from China.

Life was certainly simpler when so many people lived on farms and grew their own food. Now with so many fast foods and frozen foods from different countries, eating has become increasingly difficult. If you add to that diets for celiac disease, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, plus other food problems, eating can get very complicated.

So we all need to take the time to read the labels if we buy packaged foods.

Reported by Dr. Thompson's blog.