How Did Swine Flu Reach To New Zealand?

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The good news is that the students in New Zealand are recovering already from swine flu. These students recently returned from a school trip to Mexico and show swine flu symptoms. Telegraph reports that 10 students likely have swine flu symptoms after returning from Mexci. New Zealand Health Minister Tony Ryall said none of the patients was seriously ill and they seemed to be recovering. He said they tested positive for influenza but added that there was "no guarantee" the students had swine flu.


"It is understood that the Spanish-language students had spent most of their three-week trip in Mexico City, the centre of the outbreak. All the students and teachers, and people known to have come into contact with them, are being treated with the anti-viral drug Tamiflu, which authorities stockpiled during the bird flu scare of 2005. Doctors believe the drug is likely to prove effective if the infection is caught early enough.

"Tony Ryall, the health minister, said 10 students had returned positive results to tests for influenza, but that the type of virus was still uncertain. "

As the swine flu reached to New Zealand the Asian nations are on alert taking precautionary measures against swine flu. "Some countries were checking passengers and pork products from Mexico. The Philippines went so far as to say it might consider quarantining passengers with fevers who have visited Mexico."



where did the swine flu actually come from because it says that only pigs get it but the thing is how did humans catch it ? why do you actually die are you at that much of risk ?