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Corner Bakery Cafe One Of Healthiest Chains

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In a recent Top Ten Healthiest Restaurant Chains in Americas the Corner Bakery Cafe ranked the fifth.

The restaurant only uses healthy soy beans oil and goes beyond Asian food.

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The Corner Bakery Cafe about itself

"We started as a little bread bakery, supplying fresh-baked bread to happy customers around town. People loved our breads so much, we couldn’t help but evolve into a cafe where we could serve equally remarkable sandwiches. This, of course, led to delightful sweets, savory panini, crisp salads, and hearty bowls of soups and pasta. Before we knew it, we were a neighborhood favorite in communities all over - a place to find a warm welcome. Where people can gather with friends or hide out on their own. A place where fresh, innovative food is served up with unsurpassed quality and consistency by passionate employees. A place still dedicated to keeping our neighbors, friends and guests happy, in their special little Corner of the world."

We love: The whole-grain linguine—usually hard to find when eating out.
Danger zone: The desserts. The only options are two kinds of cookies and a Rice Krispy Treat bar that checks in at 530 calories and 19 grams of fat!

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