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McDonald's Healthier Than Subway: See Top 10

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Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Magazine's March issue of 2009 features the healthiest fast-food chain restaurants in the United States. It seems like nothing special, just another top ten list. However, one thing I could not believe in was when I saw it is that McDonald's is on the top 10, and Subway is not.


I did a quick survey in our office area asking what do you think which of these two fast-food restaurants offers healthier food McDonald's or Subway. All of the respondents thought that Subway is healthier than McDonald's. Asked where would they prefer their children to eat if given these two choices, the answer was Subway.

I myself am a Subway fun too and would and don't let my kids eat at McDonald's. This Friday my son's school has a trip and they will stop at McDonald's for a quick lunch. I am not happy about it. Why not another healthier fast-food chain? However, I did not know that McDonald's is the eight on America's Healthiest Fast Food Chains list by cracking the top ten.

Health Magazine surveyed 100 fast-food chain restaurants in USA and distilled the top ten healthiest that presented below. The chains were scored on such factors as the use of healthy fats and preparations, healthy sodium counts in entrees, availability of nutrition information, and the use of organic produce.

Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food Chains. Click on each name to read more about that restaurant.

1. Panera Bread – Over 1,230 locations nationwide

2. Jason’s Deli – 206 locations

3. Au Bon Pain – 280 locations nationwide

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4. Noodles and Company – 204 locations

5. Corner Bakery Café – 111 locations

6. Chipotle – Over 800 locations nationwide

7. Atlanta Bread – 106 locations

8. McDonald's – 14,000 locations nationwide

9. Einstein Bros. Bagels – 649 locations nationwide

10. Taco Del Mar – 270 locations

As McDonald's has made good headways in preparing healthier fast food targeting our children they need to project a better image. One possible solution: Change the logo, as the current logo is associated with "old" McDonald's and fast-food image, according to which fast food is heavily contributing to child obesity. But since now the fast-food restaurants are making efforts to change they need to project that changed image of healthier food to consumers through innovative means.



McDonalds is NOT HEALTHY!!!
This study surprised me too. How can McDonad's be healthier than Subway? May be they have done some changes making their food healthier. However, last time when I was there a year ago, I was not impressed the quality of the food and the cleanness of the restaurant.
It's not number 8, some high ranking exec probably paid off the editor of the study!
McDonald's is actually healthier than Subway because Subway put sugar on literally EVERYTHING to keep it fresh. o.o
I don't think they are trying to say McDonalds is what most people would call "healthy", its more kind of, about how unhealthy other stuff if you think would be better for you
All you have to do is go on the websites and look up the nutritional info, McDonalds is not even close to being healthy. It's common sense really tells you lettuce on a big mac does not make it healthier than a (processed) deli sandwich