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Blood sugar testing Taking the confusion out of blood glucose meters

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(NC)-Would you weigh yourself on a scale that was not reset to zero? The scale might tell you that you weighed more than you actually did.

When testing blood sugar levels, wouldn't you want a blood glucose meter that did the same thing? Wouldn't you want one that automatically makes sure that the meter is coded, much like the scale is reset to zero?

Many people with diabetes test their blood sugar levels multiple times a day. This testing requires a blood glucose meter and the test strips that are inserted into the meter. The blood glucose meter is the device used to measure and display the results, and the test strips are the medium between the patient's blood sample and the meter. They work together to help people with diabetes accurately manage their diabetes.

Coding is an electronic adjustment made to the blood glucose meter to ensure that readings are accurate and precise for every test performed.

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To take the guess work out of coding blood glucose meters, and to help eliminate operator error, Bayer created the line of Ascensia blood glucose meters that all automatically code. It means that you don't have to worry about coding your meter each time you purchase a new box of test strips.

Since accurate blood glucose or sugar measurement is the cornerstone of effective diabetes management, coding a blood glucose meter correctly is a critical step to ensuring accurate test results.

The "no coding" feature on the glucose meter increases confidence in the accuracy and precision of results, and decreases learning time and patient confusion. You are able to rely and trust your results.

More information is available from your healthcare profession, online at www.ascensia.ca or by calling 1-800-268-7200.

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