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Sebelius Urges Health Insurance Providers To Follow WellPoint's Example

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HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today had some good words for WellPoint, one of the nation's largest health insurance providers, for its decision to ban rescissions, but had urging words for other health insurance companies to follow WellPoint's example ahead of Affordable Care Act's deadline.

Sebelius said that she had to challenge WellPoint for its position on how it provides health insurance coverage for breast cancer patients. HHS Secretary's release said WellPoint targeted specifically breast cancer patients.

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What Sebelius asked and urged the health insurance companies to do is to act the way they or other industries have acted in the past in regard to other health insurance reforms. Sebelius wanted the providers not to wait until September when that provision of the law will take effect. In other words the HHS Secretary says don't wait until the Fall to do the right thing.

After HHS Secretary's challenging letter WellPoint announced last week that it wanted to end the practice of rescinding patients' health insurance coverage in advance of the Affordable Care Act's requirement. WellPoint said it will immediately stop the practice.

Sebelius sent her letter to WellPoint on April 22. She encouraged the entire industry to follow the example of WellPoint.

The last thing a very sick person wants to know is that his or her health insurance coverage is dropped because of the person's sickness and because of the fact that the person wanted to use the policy for which he or she paid for years.