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GOP Wants To Make Health Insurance Affordable With Tax Incentives

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Tax incentives, state innovations and a small increase in federal programs are the core of the Republican road map to reforming health care and making health insurance affordable for wider masses. The plan is to discuss them with president Obama when the later meets with two parties on health care.

The New York Times reveals that while it is not clear if the Republicans and Democrats will be engaged in serious negotiations on health care reform, GOP has its own plans to make affordable and accessible health care a reality for Americans. It involves tax incentives, innovation on state level and no mandatory health insurance. However, it does involved a "modest expansion of the federal safety net."

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The difference between the approaches of Democrats and Republicans on health insurance reform will be displayed on February 25th. This is the day that Obama has called a meeting between Democrats and GOP to discuss health care reform.

The New York based newspaper goes on writing that it is clear that the GOP's plan will not provide coverage to the estimated 30 million or more uninsured Americans. Although the Congressional Budget Office has not yet analyzed their program. Republicans say they will make incremental progress on the issue.

One of these proposed changes is the desire to make it easier for the health insurance providers to sell coverage plans across state lines. The Democrats seem to be open to making step by step changes too.

Yesterday Democrats indicated that they will propose a legislature this week that will end the barriers making health insurance companies as monopolies. The measure will be part of their effort to deal with the health care reform piece by piece. The move has received support from GOP as well.