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Health Insurance Legislation Intends Creating Competing Marketplace

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The reform to make health insurance premiums affordable for the American public has been a very difficult task that has been tackled by nearly most of the presidents of the past several decades. None of them have succeeded in making serious progress. Now, our lawmakers are very close, yet very far from agreeing on a comprehensive health care reform that will make medical care and insurance premiums accessible and affordable for the public.

President Harry Trumann addressing the nation on 1949 said "we need - and we must have without further delay - a system of prepaid medical insurance which will enable every American to afford good medical care." President Nixon in his 1974 State of The Union speech spoke the following about health care. “The time is at hand this year to bring comprehensive, high-quality health care within the reach of every American. I shall propose a sweeping new program that will assure comprehensive health insurance protection to millions of Americans who cannot now obtain it or afford it.”

Here is president George W. Bush speaking about health insurance reform in his 2005 State of The Union address. “I ask Congress to move forward on a comprehensive health care agenda, with tax credits to help low-income workers buy insurance, a community health center in every poor county, improved information technology to prevent medical error and needless costs, association health plans for small businesses and their employees, expanded health savings accounts, and medical liability reform that will reduce health care costs and make sure patients have the doctors and care they need.”

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Now fast forward another 5 year to 2010 and the medical care and health insurance is still not affordable for an estimated 40 million Americans.

The proposed changes are so big that any opponent of the reform may find something to say against it. The republicans are saying this is a complete takeover of the U.S. government over nation's health care system. The Democrats and the government are saying they are not interested to run the U.S. Health Care System. Instead they want to create a marketplace that will create a competitive environment for the health insurance companies to compete and thus provide coverage to people at lower premiums.

Currently, the very latest on this debate is the hope alive. Today White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs told CNN that the administration may turn to health insurance reform, instead of health care reform. President Obama, after meeting with the Georgia representative Tom Price said that he will consider several ideals, such as allowing health insurance companies selling policies across states. However, he warned that we need certain guidelines and rules so that the providers don't circumvent some state regulations.

Democrats say the reform will allow people to buy health insurance at much lower premiums. Republicans, on the other hand, say the premiums will not come down as nationalization and mandate to purchase health insurance will drive the cost up.

U.S. Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-9th, of Evanston gave a strong message to her constituents who may believe that the opportunity to reform the health care system may have gone. Today he told nearly 100 gatherers that the Democrats have overwhelming majority in the House and in the Senate. She said the imperative to rebuild and reform the system is the hardship of the people who go without health insurance and access to care because they have lost their jobs and can't afford COBRA or because of the pre-existing conditions.