Sebelius Pleased With Governors' Support Of Health Insurance Reform

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The Secretary of Health and Human Services released a statement this evening expressing her pleasure and satisfaction with the governors' support of reforming the neation's health care system to provide more affordable health insurance to our citizens. In her statement regarding Governors' Letter to Congressional Leaders in Support of
Health Insurance Reform
the secretary appreciates the "strong stand" that the governors have taken.


"I'm pleased my former colleagues have taken a strong stand in favor of health insurance reform. These Governors know that without reform, health care costs will continue to rise and they will continue to struggle to balance their budgets. Reform will help give our states the relief they need and give the American people the security and stability they deserve."

The U.S. administration is pushing for a public health insurance option to be part of the health care reform. The idea is that the public option will create more affordable health insurance coverage plans that will compete with the private insurers to keep the premiums down. However, a Senate panel has twice voted down proposals to create a government-run insurance plan, dimming the prospects for the public option to be the part of the health care reform.

Written by Armen Hareyan