Some Insurers Can Make It Affordable If You Pledge To Improve Health

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While health insurance coverage is not affordable for millions of Americans, it is even less affordable for people with certain conditions such as obesity. However, some health insurance providers may give discounts on premiums if you pledge to stay active and improve your health.

One of the largest growing health concerns in the United States is the increasing number of people who are not only considered overweight, but obese. On average that is one out of every five people that has a BMI or body mass index 30% or higher. At this level the person is considered to be suffering from obesity.

We all know there are countless health risks involved with the condition, but will their level of fitness play a role in these people getting coverage from health insurance companies?

To look at the situation from an insurance provider, any individual suffering from obesity is just as much of a risk to themselves are they are to the health insurance company. This is due to links to several debilitating and risky health conditions and diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.


Therefore, you can understand why some companies after looking at a current doctors report will be unsure about giving that person a policy.

Any health insurance company will still take you on as a client and provide you with health coverage. What a growing number of insurance companies will do is require you to pay a higher premium for certain types of insurance if not the insurance plan as a whole.

Even though the premiums for obese health insurance customers may be higher, there are ways that you can get that price lowered and premiums offered at more affordable levels. One way is to show the health insurance provider that you are currently working towards a goal of becoming a healthier individual.

Certain insurers will give you a discount if this is you and you can show them you are taking steps to improve your health. Don't jump at the first possible option you get. Search health insurance comparison options online and make an informed decision after you get several quotes.

Written by Andy Ryan