Price Competitions Decrease Cost of Health Insurance

Armen Hareyan's picture

Health insurance consumers may be eligible for a lower and more affordable monthly premium rate without even knowing it. If you have had your current health insurance premium in place for 4 months or more, chances are that there is a lower rate available that you are not aware of.

The problem is finding out about it. Getting on the phone to your health insurance provider can take all day and it is not in their interest or desires to let you easily become aware that there are better rates out there, so they don't make it easy for you and in fact hope that you just remain paying your old and higher premium after giving up in unfair frustration.

Fact: Health-insurance companies often modify rates up to three times a month but when their rates go down they do not notify their existing customers, you, of any potential savings.


Fact: Economic recession has intensified competition in the insurance world and this can work to the financial benefit of the average consumer, but you must become aware of the possible savings to be had.

Finally though, private companies are on the Internet allowing insurance subscribers to locate cheaper rates without needing to spend hours or all day on the phone with your health insurance provider, and these searches are free.

Searches such as this take seconds on the Internet and are capable of collecting rates from all the major health insurance companies. Any consumer with health insurance today should investigate this free search and determine how much they might save with their present health insurance provider or even a new one.

Why should you have to pay a monthly premium greater than necessary, when health insurance rates are coming down all over the country every day. American consumers should realize that now is the time to take control of the situation and realize the benefits of lower insurance rates that are out there for the finding now.

Written by Trey Augusta