Affordable health insurance and the 5 minute rule

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Our entire nation is one way or another involved in the current debate on how to fix our health care and make health insurance affordable for all in America. The issue is challenging to deal with. While our leaders are working hard to find ways of covering everyone in America thinking about asking the right questions for five minutes will land you on a more affordable health insurance plan than your current one.

Choosing affordable health insurance is more than just the bottom dollar. When it comes to having a health insurance that will save you money it also means that it must fit your needs. How often have you been to a doctor that you did not trust? When this happens, people often don't follow the advice and just get sicker. Perhaps if you better understood your insurance plan this would not have happened. Instead of simply looking for the cheapest plan only to find it cost you more in the end, why not do it right the first time. Here is some information on how to find affordable health insurance for your needs.


First of all you need to ask about what choices you have in doctors. This is very important as you need to both feel comfortable with your doctor and choose one that can fit your medical needs. Do not be afraid to check onto his or her credentials and ask around about them. Furthermore, it is always important to find out if your health care plan allows you to see specialists.

All too often we get stuck in one plan and when we need to see a specialist we are stuck with a general practitioner. So rather than get the right treatment, your health will suffer as well as your wallet. This also goes for choosing an affordable health insurance that covers your pre-existing conditions. Why end up paying out of pocket for your needs in the future just to save money up front. Again, sometimes looking into the long run will save you a lot more than skimping in the beginning.

Another way to save money on your health insurance is to make sure you are aware of which emergency care facilities and hospitals will accept your insurance. While this may not be important for those people in rural communities, it really makes a difference for those that live in the city. It's probably a good idea to compare health insurance quotes from a few different companies to see which one offers you the best coverage and the most affordable price. In the end, make sure that when you are shopping for affordable health insurance you consider all your needs and look for an affordable price over all.

Written by Nikki James, who writes for Save Now Health Insurance.