Common Individual Health Insurance Myths

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Not only health insurance prices are not affordable for many people, but also we are guided by myths and misconceptions when it comes to dealing with health insurance plans and providers. Scott Tuttle from Connectiquotes discusses some insurance myths the preoccupy us when it comes to make decisions on coverage choices and quotes.

If I change my plan I will have to change my doctor. The fact is that most major carriers use multiple networks and many doctors, both primary and specialty, participate in all of them.

Changing my health insurance plan will take too much time. The fact is that this used to be the case but now through the use of the internet you can review plans in seconds and applications can be filled out online in minutes. There are no physicals needed to apply and approvals that used to take weeks now take days. The truth is that choosing a new plan, lowering your rate and saving money can all happen now within days.


When it comes to health insurance I don't have many different choices. The fact is that there are over 10 companies that offer individual health insurance and each one has an average of six different plans. That's over 60 plans to choose from.

I can't get new coverage due to an existing health condition. The fact is that many states have affordable guaranteed issue programs and state high-risk pools. Meaning that every resident has guaranteed coverage regardless of health conditions. There are many affordable plans to choose from and even someone with a medical condition can be covered in a matter of weeks.

It is impossible to lower my health insurance quote rate without an obvious downside. The fact is that most people think that in order to lower their rate they have to give up benefits and choose a higher deductible. However, anyone can easily shop the market for new plans with the same benefits and save a significant amount of money.

By Scott Tuttle, who writes for Connectiquotes at (888) 686-2519.



After a career job layoff in 2005, I was on COBRA for 18 mos., then obtained an individual guaranteed issue plan from BCBS of Florida in late 2006. I HAD to get a guaranteed issue plan due to a pre-existing condition, as I was rejected by all companies for their non guaranteed issue plans. COBRA had cost $350/mo., and my initial premium for the G.I. BCBS plan was $450/mo. (not exactly cheap) My premium for that plan has now increased to $666/mo. and is completely unaffordable.