Low Cost Health Insurance Options

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When it comes to safeguarding your health, there shouldn't be any compromises. Hence, you should only settle for the best for your family, irrespective of other factors. The challenging economy may make it harder to get quality low cost health insurance, but it is still possible and not something that you should skimp on.

The first option when it comes to low cost health insurance is Medicaid. This is especially in case you have little or no income to strive on. It doesn't cost any money to verify if you or your family members qualify for this, so that is a good start. Additionally, you can also check out with the state you live in because Medicaid policies vary between states.

For families with members who are 65 years or older, they are automatically placed in the Medicare insurance program. This is also given to all US citizens who are getting social security disability benefits.


If you recently lost a job and need low cost health insurance to continue with the medical treatment, then consider Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act to help you continue medical benefits from your previous jobs. But, this is rather expensive and something that you can probably avoid if possible.

For many people who are on the lookout for low cost health insurance, you can go in for a group health express sharing plan. This is somewhat similar to what the company gives you when you are working for them. Since they have to provide for all employees, they get it at lower rates from the insurance companies.

The final option is to go in for health discount cards that are given by companies. These are available to outsiders for a small membership fees and can be used in medical services to get a small amount of discount rather than footing the entire bill on your own.

Just because you are getting low cost health insurance doesn't mean that you are getting a product that is worthless. Believe it or not, there actually is cheap health insurance available that not only fits within your budget, but also provides the medical care benefits that you actually need.

Written by Clarissa Winegarten. Clarissa reviews health insurance options at Low Cost Health Insurance Quotes, http://www.businessservicereviews.com/insurance/low-cost-health-insurance/.