The Uncovered Are Looking To Washington For Reform

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Health insurance and the uncovered

As the lawmakers are enjoying August and delaying the health insurance reform, the millions of uncovered individuals and families are looking to Washington for leadership on health care.

The problem is that the health care reform will cost certain tax increase. The public health insurance option, single payer and work with employer provided health plans are all in play. The public health insurance program has steered much debate. As the StatesmanJournal reports the "real objective of the public option under consideration isn't to replace private insurance and create a single-payer government run-program. It is to provide an insurance pool to make sure that those uncovered or unhappy with their coverage can get the insurance they'll be required to have. If insurance is going to be required, the purpose of the public option is to create competition for control of costs, which the public option can do by using its size and volume to get a better deal."

In the same story, id explains that the health insurance companies may in fact fear the public option. Some believe that the public option is a transition period leading to a all government run health insurance program. I am not sure how realistic this may be, but a video circulating online, called Uncovered, makes some revelations in this regard.


The United States Congress, under the control of the Democrats will try to push the complex health care refom in September, after a month of Recess in August. It is expected that the the next few weeks may create debates and bring consensus for health insurance reform and promote a "do the hard work necessary" for the future of the economy and the health of families.

The Republican Representative Jim DeMint, one of the opponents of the Obama supported plan, said yesterday on the Fox News that health reform will raise taxes on small businesses. "Half of the so-called rich are small businesses that create 70 or 80 percent of jobs in this country," he said.

However, according to El Financiero the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, Democrat Charles Rangel, said that 96 percent of small businesses will not be affected by a tax to cover the costs of health reform. He said that critics do not take into account the productivity of a healthy and educated workforce "and that United States is the only industrialized country that lacks a national health insurance plan.

Written by Armen Hareyan