Obama's Health Insurance Platform Courageous

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With forty seven million Americans without health insurance and 47,000 losing their health insurance each week, President Obama is courageously trying to get a health plan passed that will cover most if not all Americans.

It is amazing to see the false information that is being circulated by some talk show hosts, rich Republicans, health insurance and drug companies. Of course, the health insurance and drug companies say they are making major concessions, but you can be sure that their well-paid lobbyists are working hard behind the scenes to be sure the concessions are minor.


One of the arguments I heard yesterday from a Republican was that the President will not allow her to have certain tests if she needs them. That is nonsense! She has excellent health insurance which will still cover her. If she loses her job and can’t afford to pay for private insurance then the public option, which hopefully will be added, will be a resource for her. Also if she gets some bad disease but once again is able to afford health insurance, the health insurance companies say they will not disqualify an applicant because of a pre-existing condition. They also say they will not cancel a policy if someone has had outstanding medical bills. I will believe that when I see it. The greedy health insurance and drug companies are going to fight for every possible dollar.

I am disappointed that the plans I had read about don’t allow the government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare recipients. Generic drugs should also be brought more quickly to the market, but of course the drug companies will do everything possible to prevent this from happening.

It is disappointing that so many Democrats have received money from the health insurance and drug companies. This just has to color their thinking about the controls they are willing to put on them. We all should keep our eyes on what is happening with the health insurance plans and make our voices heard.

Written by Charlotte E. Thompson, M.D.