Health Insurance Reform Central To Address Economic Crisis

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President Barack Obama believes that the health care reform, aimed at providing health insurance to nearly all individuals an families is central in addressing the economic crisis in U.S. He urged yesterday to act and on the amendment to achieve the health care reform.

He said "if we do not reform the system the cost will continue to multiply." Arguing that if we fail to reform and control health care spending the country won't be able to control the deficit, Obama said that it is unacceptable that in U.S. we have nearly 48 million citizens that go about their lives without health insurance.

Those who lack health insurance coverage "are expecting our leadership and we must not let them down." Let's approve a healthcare reform that lowers costs, increases the options and provide a reliable health insurance coverage. Let's do it this year, said the president.


He sat an August deadline to have an acceptable health care reform bill on the table. At present, three committees in Congress handled drafts, each with different proposals about how to provide quality health care to Americans and how to make health insurance affordable for families and individuals.

Critics believe that this healthcare reform may impact negatively on a budget deficit that this month has already passed a trillion dollars. In this regard, Obama explained that "the reform of the health system is not fattening" the deficit "in the next ten years." According to details, "two thirds of the cost of reform can be afforded from simply redistributing the money that is wasted in federal ineffective health programs.

"If we do not reform the system, the cost to you will multiply. If no action is taken, 14 thousand Americans lose their health insurance every day. These are the consequences of inaction," he said.

The president intends to continue its campaign for health reform on Thursday in Cleveland, where he visited the Cleveland Clinic. He'll tour the Cleveland Clinic with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland before leading a public forum at Shaker Heights High School Thursday afternoon.

Written by Armen Hareyan