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Obama Prepares To Address Health Insurance, Care Reform

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Obama press conference on health care tonight

Barack Obama defends health care reform to provide affordable health insurance coverage to Americans. He insists that his health care plan is necessary. His ritics say that it is too expensive. The president prepares to address the nation tonight on health care. He will defend his health care plan before television cameras in primetime at 8:00 pm ET / 7 Center.

The the president's health care reform project is generating a growing opposition in Congress because, according to critics, it is too costly. He will take questions from the press during tonight's press conference about his plan to provide health insurance coverage to 50 million uninsured Americans. The cost of the reform is nearly or above one trillion dollars.

Obama has made the health care reform one of its legislative priorities, which seems to go through difficulties in Congress, even among moderate Republicans and among Democrats. They are concerned about the high cost of the measure, estimated at around a billion dollars. How do you cover the cost of covering nearly all Americans with health insurance.

In the last ten days, the U.S. president has appeared in public many times to defend the need for reform that gives health insurance coverage to nearly 50 million people. This is the estimated number of people that are currently uninsured.

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A Senate committee last week approved The Affordable Health Choices Act, a bill to reform the health system of the United States that extends health insurance coverage to virtually all Americans, at a cost of $615.000 million in ten years. This is the first committee that gives a nod to a draft of the health care reform. However, it still faces a complicated process for final approval.

The project of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee of the Senate would require Americans to obtain health health insurance coverage and businesses would be required to contribute to the cost of coverage..

The Affordable health Choices Act from the Senate committee is expected to be aligned with what comes out of the House of Representatives, where Democrats have presented they own version of a health care reform bill.

The House document envisages an increase in taxes on two million wealthier Americans to cover the cost of health insurance. This, naturally, has caused the anger of the Republians. Overall, the plan would cost over one trillion dollars in ten years, the money will come by rising taxes and making cuts in Medicare program.

Now, there is a new dimension to health care reform. The issue of abortion. Will the public health insurance cover abortion? If yes, than the pro-life people will rightfully oppose it saying we don't want our money to support providing health insurance for those who choose to take innocent lives. Expect this question to rise in tonight's Obama press conference on health care reform.

Written by Armen Hareyan